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6 Tips To Find The Ideal Domain Name...

People are more familiar with .com domains than with anything else; they will default to typing ‘.com’ into the browser address bar, and are unlikely to remember your extension if it’s too weird. Everyone will always assume a website is a .com. The .com TLD is used by 47% of all websites, data says. Can they all be wrong?

Having your main domain name extension secured be it a .com or a local TLD is only step one. Step two is getting all of the other popular TLDs, and then setting them to redirect to your main TLD. You wouldn’t want to end up competing with another site with the same domain name but ending in a different TLD.

A brandable name has no specific meaning (eg ‘Google’ is not a word, ‘YouTube isn’t one either). It’s unique your competition doesn’t use anything similar. It’s easy to memorize not too wordy, no complex vowel combinations. It’s easy to pronounce and dictate over the phone. It sounds trustworthy some names can be a little shady by definition, for instance, may be too bold, but sounds way better.

Keep it short preferably with fewer than 15(-ish) characters, excluding the TLD. Keep it simple no hyphens, no underscores, no complicated words as part of the domain, or any other punctuation just words avoid using numbers unless absolutely necessary (for example, if your name is Myke and you want to make it part of your domain such as every single time people will mistype it as

Okay, so no matter what We say about picking a domain name that’s brandable, simple, has a good ring to it, is easy to memorize, and so on and so forth, the fact of the matter is that coming up with a truly good name is hard. Sometimes, you’ll easily go through thousands of different terms before you settle on that perfect one, while other times nothing will seem good enough. In that case, can be the secret weapon in your arsenal.

This is another kind of helper that you can use if you’re finding it hard to come up with a cool domain name, and thus, by extension, your business name as well. These tools are very simple to use, but also surprisingly helpful. All they need is one keyword from you a seed keyword (or a seed key-phrase) and, in return, they give you tens or even hundreds of suggestions, full of valid and available domain names that you can register right away.

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