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Welcome to Our Privacy Policy

The Purpose of this policy is to explain how we collect, store, use, and protect your Information. Identifiable personal information such as names, addresses, emails and Phone numbers; will be collected when you subscribe to one of our packages or open an account with us Non Identifiable data such as your IP address, Browser information and navigation through our Website or websites we host will automatically be collected when you visit our website or websites hosted by us We collect this non Identifiable data by using “cookie technology” it is your right to disable cookies in your browser's settings, but will be restricted from accessing many sites as a result.

Audiance & Confidentiality

This Policy applies to anyone whom. Visits our Website or any of the websites we host or is a client whom has purchased services from us or any of our resellers.
We are committed to complying with Data and Privacy Laws applicable to our services, therefore, we will ensure to take extra measures to ensure your information is processed lawfully and kept secure and confidential. We will not sell or distribute your personal information to any third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.

Collection and use of information

1). Correspondence Any information collected from you through via e-mail, telephonically or by written letter, will only be used to address the matters within that correspondence. If this requires referring or to a third party to ensure customer service, your personal information will only be disclosed to the point necessary and will otherwise be kept confidential.
2). Promotions & News Letters FevaHost will on occasion use your personal information to contact you about promotional offers; advise you of matters relevant to service provision and in some cases, or solicit your feedback. We will provide you with an option within every e-mail to opt-out if you feel you would not like to receive any e-mails of this nature.

3). Business Partners & Resellers FevaHost collects user data through websites of our business partners and resellers and use this data Lawfully refer to "Audiance & Confidentiality", we do not however take responsibility for how your information is used if you are a client of our resellers Please refer to their Privacy policies on how they handle your data.


We ensure to apply all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of our customers We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you enter into a transaction, submit, or access your personal information and to prevent unauthorised access. After a transaction, your private information such as (credit cards, identity numbers, financials, etc.) will not be stored on our servers the payment process is done through a secured portal through Payfast. Should any of our databases be compromised with the result that your personal information has been unlawfully disclosed, we will advise you via e-mail or with a notice on our website and advise you on the steps that you may take to protect your personal information. We only retain and store your personal information for as long as we are required by law or to serve our legitimate business interests. When these conditions are no longer met, we will delete your personal information in a responsible and secure manner.


1). Authorities & Law Firms We may disclose personal data if required by a subpoena or court order to comply with any law to protect the safety of any individual or the general public and to prevent violation of our terms of service.
2). Employees We may need to disclose personal data to our employees that require personal data to do their jobs. These include our responsible management, human resources, accounting, audit, compliance, information technology, or other personnel. Any of our employees or personnel that handle your personal data will have signed non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

3). Change of ownership If we undergo a change in ownership, or a merger with, acquisition by, or sale of assets to, another entity, we may assign our rights to the personal data we process to a successor, purchaser, or separate entity. We will disclose the transfer on the website. If you are concerned about your personal data migrating to a new owner, you may request us to delete your personal data.

4). Unauthorised disclosure We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for unauthorised or unlawful disclosure of your personal data by third parties who are not subject to our control.

5). Security We take the security of personal data very seriously and always do our best to comply with applicable data protection laws. We will implement and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of personal data. We host on a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. All personal data is securely stored in our customer database. We authorize access to personal data only for those employees who require it to fulfil their job responsibilities. We implement disaster recover procedures where appropriate.

6). Retention We will only retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes explicitly set out in this policy unless retention of the record is required or authorised by law or you have consented to the retention of the record. During the period of retention, we will continue to abide by our non-disclosure obligations and will not share or sell your personal data. We may retain your personal data in physical or electronic records at our discretion.

7). Transfer to another country Some of our servers are Located in Foreign countries such as the United States and Germany We may transmit or transfer personal data outside of the country in which it was collected to a foreign country and process it in that country. Personal data may be stored on servers located outside the country in which it was collected. You consent to us processing your personal data in a foreign country whose laws regarding processing of personal data may be less stringent.

8). Updating or removing You may choose to correct or update the personal data you have submitted to us by contacting us via email or via the website. You are entitled to a right to be forgotten. We will delete any personal data that you don’t want us to have. If you are a data subject of the Administrator or one of our customers (who is the data controller), then you must submit your request to the relevant data controller who will then delete your personal data.

9). Zero tolerance of scams & adult Policy At FevaHost we do not allow hosting of adult sites, dating sites, online scam sites, or any form of Money making schemes. if we pick up a site like this on our system we will Immediately Terminate your account without warning No refunds will be issued if you choose to host such a site like this.

10). Restriction of processing You may request that we restrict the use of your personal data. When we restrict your personal data, we still have the right to store it but not use it.

11). Data portability If you should wish to transfer your data from us to another data controller we will facilitate this transfer. We will pass on all of our data to the data controller. If you are a data subject of the Administrator or one of our customers (who is the data controller), then you must submit your request for your data to the relevant data controller, who will then export your data.

12). Data breaches We will notify our customers of any confirmed data breaches that has occurred. It is our customers’ responsibility to notify relevant supervisory authority and any affected data subjects of the data breach.

12). Limitation We are not responsible for warranties nor representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of linked or any third-party websites.

Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms and Third-Party Sites

Any information that customers or visitors disclose in a public space, including on any bulletin board, chat room or any site FevaHost may host for you, is available to anyone else who visits that space. FevaHost cannot safeguard any information you disclose in such manner.


FevaHost will not enter into a service subscription contract or agreement with a minor unless such minor has explicit written consent from a parent or guardian to do so. FevaHost will not contact minors about promotional offers or for marketing purposes without parental consent.

Amendment of Policy

FevaHost reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy or update it from time to time. Where a major change is made, customers will be informed through a notice on our website. Customers and website visitors bear the responsibility to ensure that they have read the changes or updates as the case may be.

Should there be any Questions regarding this policy you may contact us on [email protected]

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